THE PAGEANT USA is a prestigious recognition awards and trendy upscale pageant system for young women in across the globe.  We are looking forward to awarding millions of dollars in cash scholarships, and awards nationwide.  We recognize and will assist in the development of young women.

We will help these young women become tomorrow's leaders.  As we guide you through the steps of competition, you gain poise, self-confidence and valuable communications skills.

THE PAGEANT USA  is a competition scholarship system design for today's young woman.  We celebrate America's greatness and individually of American young women.  Our system is centered around helping young ladies grow and expand their ideas about who they are and what they would like to achieve.  

The Cash Scholarships help cover the cost of higher education.  Every facet of our pageant system is designed to help you develop skills that are found in our country's most successful people, skills that are an asset in any field that you pursue from professional modeling to business to life itself!

Pageants could be the stepping stone to a young woman's future!

This year we are looking forward to seeing these young women arrive during pageant week to embark on a journey they will never forget.  These young women will  enjoy meeting new friends that share a common interest, new found confidence, and being in the spotlight!  

It is so important for you to have the support of your family at this exciting time in your life.  Share the good news with your friends, neighbors, and family members about your selection as a State Queens Representative (Delegate).

The awards and titles will eventually become unimportant...but the lessons learned, friendships found, and the experience gained are truly the major awards offered!  They will be part of your  life forever!  This is truly one pageant system where everyone that participates is a winner!


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