F A Q:  Frequently Asked Questions

Is Previous Pageant Experience Required?
No pageant experience is required!  All young ladies have the opportunity and capability to do well regardless of their past pageant experience.  In fact, most are newcomers for the first time that make wonderful contestants and terrific state winners.

What is a "Sponsor Fee"?
Each contestant must pay a sponsor fee to participate in the pageant.  Your sponsor fees are tax-deductable for businesses. The sponsor fee pays for the cost of producing the pageant, awards, choreographers, emcees, lighting, sound, staging, judges expenses, staff, florist, hotel ballroom rental, cash awards, scholarships, office support and all of the many other things that go together to make a first class event.  You may have as many or as few sponsors as you wish contributing to make up your total sponsor fee.  Any combination of businesses, family, friends, or anyone is acceptable.  Neither the number or name of your sponsor have any bearing on the scoring in any way.  Without exception, sponsorship fees are non-refundable.

What If I Raise More Money Than Required For My Sponsorship Fee?
Should you raise more money than your required fees to participate, then you may at your discretion use those funds help you prepare for the pageant ie: purchase your gown, shoes, toiletries etc.    

Is There a Height or Weight Requirement  to win?
Absolutely not. The Pageant International U.S.A, while a glamorous event, does not have a height or weight requirement. Whether your 5' 2 or 6 feet tall, it doesn't matter. What's important is how the delegate views herself from the inside and out. There will be a variety of heights and body types that will grace the stage on pageant weekend. A young woman that is confident, intelligent, personable, and attractive with poise and grace will be what the judges are looking for.

Do I need to get a professional coach or any other formal training ?
No. All required pageant activities will take place on pageant weekend for state and the week for the national pageant at the host hotel. However, we will be offering our optional Queen for Life Pageant Preparation and Workshop to the contestants for a nominal fee. This workshop will be held weeks prior to your state pageant. This workshop is designed to help you get through pageant weekend!

Do I Need a Different Gown For The Final Pageant Than I Do For The Preliminary Pageant?
No. You will need only one gown for the Evening Gown segment of the pageant. It is highly recommended that you remain in the same gown for both the Finals and the Preliminaries. 

If I Am Not A Semi Finalist, Will I Still Be Able To Participate In The Pageant Finale?
Absolutely! Each segment of competition at the final pageant will include all of the state or national delegates featured on stage in their competition attire. All contestants are a vital part of both the Preliminary and Final show!

Do I have to raise my sponsor fee or can I just pay for it?
How you choose to acquire your sponsorship fees is totally up to you!  You can either have a business,  several individuals, your parents and/or family members sponsor you.  

Is There An Opening Dance Number Routine?  What If I Can't Dance?
Yes, there is an opening dance number routine. No worries if you can't dance. We have staff choreographers that are trained dancers. They will teach you an easy to learn simply dance routine. There will be several dance rehearsals throughout the pageant week or pageant weekend for state. Relax, the choreographer will see to it that everyone will look great on stage!

What Is Expected From The New Miss, Teen, and Jr. Teen  State Titleholders?
Our new titleholders are expected to attend the International USA Pageant in Palm Springs, California on the scheduled dates. State and International USA Titleholders are expected to attend at least 70% of scheduled events. We will never interfere with your school or college activities. Our state royalty can be invited to various Social and Charity events throughout the year. State and National Titleholders are required to return to the state pageant the following year to crown her successor.

Do I have to stay at the host hotel?
All state and International USA contestants are encouraged to stay at the host hotel for the entire week and or weekend.  Most contestants prefer to stay at the host hotel during pageant week or weekend to bond with their new pageant sisters.  Each day will begin at 8am and will continue into the late evening hours.  After a long day of rehearsals, parties and the preliminary competitions the convenience of being able to relax in a hotel room is quite inviting and well deserved. Each state and national delegate will have the option of double or single beds in their rooms. A special reservation link will be available to all of the contestants and their families for a generous discounted rate.  If you decided to arrive the day before check in or stay the day after the pageant, those special discounted rates will still be available to you and your families..

Can My Family and Friends Stay At The Same Hotel?
Absolutely!  We have a special Family and Friends Discount Rate set up with our host hotel.  All state and international USA delegates will be notified by their National Executive Director or State Director when those rooms are available to reserve through the hotel website or by phone.

Do I Need To Pay For My Meals During Pageant Weekend or the Week for Nationals ?
We encourage all state delegates to bring snacks, water and any other desired food with you for your convenience. International USA Delegates meals are inclusive with their fees for the national pageant event.

What Is The Proper Attire For Family And Friends To Wear To The Final Pageant and Preliminaries?
The Pageant Finale is a classy affair as well as the preliminaries.  Classy sportswear, dresses, pant suits, nice slacks and shirt with or with tie is appropriate.  

You want to make sure that you are on time to all pageant events within your appropriate age division.  The judges will not wait if your are running late on the highways etc.
Staying at the host hotel is not a requirement, it is a convenience for you and your family to enjoy pageant weekend or a week for the national pageant!
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