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T H E   P A G E A N T   
Official National Competition
T H E   O F F I C I A L   C O M P E T I T I O N
The Pageant International USA - pageant  is comprised of four separate areas of competition judged by an esteem panel of judges from all walks of life. This is one pageant system that truly cares about the diversity and fairness of all the delegates that will grace our stage on pageant weekend. We hope that this experience will be one for the books in your pageant career.

The official areas of competition are:

Personality Interview - 35% of the overall score
Our new International USA titleholders must be able to express themselves and project a pleasant personality at all times. Delegates should wear a dress, cocktail suit, or pantsuit for the interview. Select an outfit that shows off your curves, and a color that compliments your skin tone.

Judging Criteria: Personality, Self-Expression, Perception and Knowledge. Appearance, Grooming, Voice and use of Vocabulary are also of importance. 

​Poise and Appearance in Evening Gown - 30% of the overall score
​This segment of the pageant is the face and grace of the International USA Competition. Delegates should carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise and elegance. You will be scored in 3 locations on the stage. (Left, Center, and Right) Delegates will grace the runway in a full length gown of her choice. Your gown should be flattering for your figure type. Finalist will be judged on poise, grace, elegance and overall appearance in their presentation of the evening gown competition. Gowns should be elegant and floor length. Teens are permitted to wear sophisticated, beaded gowns.

Judging Criteria: The contestant should be confident, displays stage presence, poise, personality, charm, style, charisma, grace, execution and overall appearance. 

Swimsuit Competition - 20% of the overall score  (Ms. and Miss Only)
​The competition will be scored in 3 locations on stage. (Left, Center and Right) State Finalist will have the option of wearing a Sarong. .Sarongs can be worn as you model your swimsuit on stage. The sarong must be removed before you reach the end of the runway where the judges will be anchored on both sides of the stage.

Judging Criteria: Posture and Execution of modeling technique and movement, confidence, poise and choice of swimsuit. Contestants should consider the style swimsuit for their figure type. Your swimsuit choice should tasteful and non offensive. 

​Teen Aerobic Wear Competition - 20% of overall score 
The competition will be scored in 3 locations on stage. (Left, Center and Right) Teen Delegates will have the option of wearing a one or two piece sports fitness outfit. Tennis shoes preferred to be worn with your fitness outfit.  Anklet socks are acceptable. 

Judging Criteria: Posture and Execution of modeling technique and movement, confidence, poise and choice of aerobic fitness wear. Delegates should consider the style sports outfit for their figure type. Your fitness choice should tasteful and non offensive.  

​Runway Fashion (Modeling) - 20% of overall score
This is the modeling segment of the competition and is designed to allow each delegate to express her own sense of style. This part of the competition is upbeat, trendy, and extremely fashionable. All delegates are encouraged to wear her on personal sense of fashion.

Judging Criteria: Personality, High Energy, Confident, Glamorous, Overall Appearance, Sense of Style and Stage Presence. 

​On Stage Question (Top 5 Only)

Only the Top Five Delegates in each division will be scored in this segment. The Top Five Contestants will select a prepared question from the Pageant Emcee. Each judge will issue a score between 1 and 5 after each delegate has answered her question. This score is then added to her overall competition score. This total score will determine the official overall rank for the Top Five Delegates. 

Judging Criteria: Knowledge, spontaneity, vocabulary, personality, confidence, and sense of values.  

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