BECOME  A   S A P P H I R E   S P O  N S O R  $250 - National Level Associate

​*  Listed on The Pageant International USA website. 
*  Listed in The Pageant International USA Competition Book.
*  One complimentary Competition Book available for pickup at the International USA Concierge.
*  Listed as a Sapphire Level Associate
*  Tax deductible donation

*  Upgrade with a Business Card Ad for and additional $100.00

Additional information will be sent to you about the Business Card Ad that you can purchased with this sponsorship level. This includes specifications and where to submit your ad so that it can be placed in The Pageant International USA Souvenir Book. Below, please upload your logo and the URL that you would like this to link to on The Pageant International USA Website. You may upload this logo and URL after your order is placed if you do not have your logo ready for upload currently.  
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         S A P P H I R E   S P O N S O R
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