1.   Entrant must be naturally born female, single, never married, nor given birth to a child. 

2.   Entrant must be of good health and moral character.

3.   Entrant must reside in her state of competition as her permanent residence, or attend high school, college, university or employment,.

4.   All decisions rendered by the judges are final and irrevocable.

5.   Entrant must provide a valid copy of a state issued Driver's License, State ID Card or High School ID.

6.   THE PAGEANT International USA, Inc., reserves the right to change the date and location of their State and National Pageant.

7.   Entrant acknowledges that she has not engaged in any unbecoming behavior or activities including but not limited to any nude photos (if disclosed to the public) that would bring, tend to bring herself, the state competition, the national competition, state title, national title, or THE PAGEANT International USA Pageant System into dispute, ridicule, or contempt.

8.   Entrant must agree that if chosen as the Ms., Miss, and Teen State Queen titleholder, that they will not participate in any other pageant system during their one full year reign while holding their state titles unless authorized in writing or without the express written permission of the Sate and National Executive Director.  

9.   Entrant must agree that if she should be selected as a State Queen, that she will attend the National Pageant which is NOT an option and must abide by all the rules and regulations governing that pageant.

10. Recipient of the State Queen's Title(s) promises to promote the program (pageant system) by making a minimum of 80% of all scheduled appearances during their reign.  Titleholders further promise to make NO personal appearances or appear in any advertising, and or publications without written permission from her state or National Director.
11. If for any reason  the Ms.,  Miss, or Teen State Queen's Titleholder elects not to participate at the National Pageant or schedule activities, her title, crown, banner, plaque will be returned to the State and or National Executive Director.  Her title will be offered to the next qualified contestant.  I (You) understand that the contestant whose title is relinquished or is disqualified shall be responsible for any and all court cost and attorney fees incurred by THE PAGEANT International USA, Inc., in an effort to have the aforementioned property returned to the State or National Office.  Any fees paid towards the national competition are non-refundable.  

12. Any State Queen's Delegate and or family member or guest showing unsportsmanlike behavior will be asked to leave the premises and will lead to the disqualification of the contestant.  No refunds will be given.

13. No State Queen's Delegate or any member of their immediate family cannot be employed by THE PAGEANT International USA, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries, Black Diamond Entertainment Inc., or Glamour Girl Productions or any of their subsidiaries of affiliated or related companies.

14. Entrant must be willing to release unconditionally and forever, any claim against THE PAGEANT International USA, Inc., its parent and affiliated or related companies and their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents, and assigns, which may have virtue of their state pageant, or by any use of their name, likeness, voice, and or biography in connection to their state or national pageant including use in promotions and advertising material.

15. You the applicant must turn in all required paperwork, and associated Sponsorship fees by the scheduled due date unless prior arrangements have been made between you and the State Director.

16. I further understand and agree that there will be an assessed  $75.00 returned check fee.

17. Selected State Queen's Delegates (Applicants) must understand and agree that all issues as to eligibility shall be determined by THE PAGEANT International USA, Inc., and agree to abide by that determined both as to them and other applicants.  Failure of the applicant to comply with any of the terms, provisions, restrictions or obligations hereof, shall at the option of the National Executive Director and or the Executive State Director result in the entrant's disqualification, loss of the title, and return of the crown and any and all prize awards.

18. Our new 2019-2020 State Queen's will be held to a higher standard with regards to making at least 80% of all scheduled appearances and will sign a State Queen's Contract at her state queens signing ceremony scheduled by her director or immediately after her State Pageant.  All Cash awards and prizes are awarded at the completion of  a successful State Queen's reign.  Cash awards are based on the number of actual participating contestants in each division.
State Contestant Eligibility

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