Optional Contest Guidelines 
These Optional Contests are scored by a separate panel of judges and have no bearing on the overall State Queen's Title.  The winners of these contest wil be announced at the pageant finale!  

Miss Personality
This young woman is chosen by the contestants in her age division.  This award goes to the delegate that is the friendliest and most helpful during pageant weekend.  Winner will receive a Plaque.

Miss Photogenic

Best Interview

Best Presentation in Evening Gown

Best Presentation Swimsuit

Miss Personality 
Our Choreographers and staff will select a state delegate from each age division that has shown the most uplifting spirit during pageant weekend  Winner and 1st runner up will receive Plaques

Academic Achievement
Contestants will bring a copy of their official school transcripts, academic achievement awards, and certificates to pageant registration. Award letters, transcripts , certificates, etc., should be placed in a portfolio and brought with you to pageant check in.  Judges will select the contestant who has the best overall participation in their extracurricular activities at their school, awards, and grade point average.  Winner and 1st runner-up will receive plaques. 

Community Service
Contestants will bring their community service records and letters of recommendations in a portfolio at pageant check in during registration.  Judges will select the contestant from each division that has an outstanding record of community service.  Winner and 1st runner-up will receive plaques.

Most Recommendations
This special award is presented to the delegate from each division that brings in the most recommendations of friends, relatives, family members that would be interested in our pageant system.  The winner will receive a cash award and a State Plaque.

Most Ticket Sales Recognition
This award is given to the delegate in each division that sells over 10 ticket to both the preliminary and final pageant show. 
Sell 20 or more tickets to the Pageant Finale and receive Special VIP Seating for your guest!



The winner in each division will receive a cash award, and the State Platform Plaque  Runner-ups will also receive plaques.

Each State Contestant should have a platform a that is near and dear to her heart. It could be a family member that has suffered an illness or deadly disease. You may be an advocate for a particular organization that you strongly believe in. Our new      2019 - 20  State Queens will promote their platform during their reign.

Available to all State Contestants

All Delegates are required to bring at least 5 copies of their typed Platform to Pageant Check in.

Their is no charge to be considered for this State Award  
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